Use A Hemi Walker For Easy Support

A hemi walker is sometimes called one-handed walker because it is used by only one hand. It functions like a cane, but it provides more support and stability because it has 4 leg extensions. It is lightweight and is easily lifted and maneuvered by one hand. It fits persons who need support, but who do not like standard medical supply walkers or are not adequately supported by a quad cane. A hemi walker is also called side stepper since it is used at one's side.




A hemi walker is usually used by a person with limited or no dexterity in one arm or hand. Most people who are recovering from a stroke and who have one-sided weakness can use a hemi walker. But since these types of medical equipment walkers need to be lifted and moved forward, users need to have some level of upper body strength and coordination.


Styles and Types


Since a hemi walker is a simple medical walker, with only few basic parts, you can see that most of the hemi medical walkers available in the market resemble one another in style and appearance. All of them have four leg extensions, are made of lightweight aluminum and have extra handgrip for easy folding, slip resistant rubber tips and adjustable height. The slight differences arise from the sizes and designs by different manufacturers. Some of the representative types are described here. 


A standard hemi walker supports a person weighing up to 250 pounds. Its height is adjustable from 30 inches to 34 inches and it becomes only 3 inches in depth when folded. It weighs from 2 pounds and 14 ounces to 3.25 pounds.


The side style hemi walker uses a one-inch-diameter anodized aluminum frame and contoured foam hand grips for easier lifting and moving. It adjusts from a height of 29.5 inches to 34.5 inches.


A folding youth hemi walker folds easily with one hand and its height can be adjusted from 29.5 to 37 inches.


A side stepper hemi walker offers two-level handgrips, one providing support when standing and the other when sitting. The extra handgrip also makes folding easier. It weighs only 2 pounds and 14 ounces.


A bariatric adult hemi walker fits larger persons with weights up to 500 pounds. It weighs ten pounds and can be adjusted from a height of 30 inches to 36 inches.


Tips for using a hemi walker for the first time


Before using the hemi walker, ensure that the rubber tips are not missing. These tips provide traction and prevent slips. Unfold the walker and then put the walker in fully open position and level to the ground. Make sure all leg extensions are properly locked with the snap buttons to achieve even height and secure base. Do not hang any item on the medical walker. The item might cause the user to slip and fall and get injured.


Tips for adjusting the height of a hemi walker


Adjust the height of the hemi walker to the level of your wrist as you stand up relaxed. Your hemi walker height should be within one inch of your wrist height.


Warranty and Medicare


Most medical supply walkers are designed so that they conform to the U.S. Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) and therefore qualify for Medicare reimbursement. Makers of medical equipment walkers offer shorter warranties for hemi walkers than other medical walkers.